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Server Highlights

Venris Management is committed to bringing you an experience unlike any other. Our staff has reviewed each aspect of the game to optimize balance and entertainment, while staying true to the legacy of Ragnarok Online.
Low Rate Experience

Balance Rate Experience

While our server is technically a 7x/7x/2x rate server, each feature has been carefully tuned to provide natural leveling and grinding progression. We have refined the gameplay to give players new opportunities to level in places which are often ignored with exp bonuses in a form of Missions.

Returning to Our Roots

Returning to Our Roots

Even though it has been over 20 years of Ragnarok Online, we feel that the early incarnation of the game is the most nostalgic but not outdated. Therefore, Starting from Episode 12 is our best option, we plan to slowly progress through the history of releases while adding unique content (quests, new systems, general improvements) as the server grows, bringing you a modern, yet nostalgic experience.

Fun, And Rewarding

Fun, And Rewarding

Venris is designed to be a timeless server for the Real Ragnarok Online Lovers, our server is not a profit oriented server and will seriously focus on contents, We are here to have fun, not turn a profit. Venris will always be a F2P supportive server, and will always support the real non profit oriented RO Lovers.

All-Star Staff

All-Star Staff

The staff includes not only lovers of nostalgia, but also people who are deeply familiar with code. Additionally, collaboration with the community’s best programmers and artists means that content and experiences built on Venris RO will be always special.

Emphasis on Your Journey

Emphasis on Your Journey

The team at Venris is devoted to creating a multi-faceted journey for your characters. Grinding on the same monsters day after day is an outdated MMO trope. In Venris, you will be faced with multiple ways to become an integral part of the community. Our goal is to create one of the largest repositories of high-quality quests to provide you with not a grind only, but an adventure as well.

Our Venris

Venris Ragnarok

We will continually improve your experience by adding components that improve the entertainment of the game, while maintaining the core essence of the game. For more on Our Venris, visit our About Us page.

News & Updates

Venris is constantly thinking of new ways to bring players content and events. Keep up to date with the latest news!

News About the server!

To: Venris RO Community
To begin with, We would like to start our journey with a big THANKS to everyone who support our upcoming belov...


Hello Venrian, For this year's Giveaway Event, we will do a quick tag and share event on facebook.
Worry not! We already prepared something for all of you who participate! So, what are you waiting for? Let's roll~!

More Updates & Events

Venris Server Roadmap

Venris is committed to adding official and unique content at a consistent, yet balanced rate. Regular updates mean new avenues of exploration for you and your friends.

The Grand Opening

Venris RO opens its doors by reverting the game back to an Episode 12 state, with improvements to world balance, NPC dialogue, world building, and more. With so many plans in store for the future, this is truly a new RO beginning.


Chapter 1: Fair Balancing

Together with the server’s community, our staff has reviewed each skill and made some adjustments to bring more builds in-line with one another. We understand that part of the fun of RO is the build diversity. Therefore, improving player options is key to our server goals and rebalancing classes is essential to the server’s mission.


Chapter 2: Themed Events

The implementation of themed events with GM will increase the enthusiasm of players to submerge fully to the experience of playing in Venris Ragnarok, we will keep maintaining the balanced yet fun portions of event in game will all the old and new players.


Chapter 2.5: Class Quests

Addition of quests specific to each class will be added to provide additional gameplay opportunities outside of grinding monsters. Job quests that give players a meaningful sense of progression will bring new life to VenrisRO.


Chapter 2.6: Expansion of Utility

Venris RO doesn't come with empty features. You are welcomed with a lot of interesting feature in the game. we will keep developing and adding more content to the existing features so it will never get outdated and lose the hype. all updated contents will be highly matched the needs which are believed to be the best for all players in general.


Chapter 3: Eve of War

A themeatic events line will force guilds to cooperate to unlock new phases in preparation for war. Throughout the world, objectives will be set that will challenge players to gather materials, fight monsters, and solve puzzles. One final task will be the key to opening the castles for WoE!


Chapter 4: War of Emperium

The War of Emperium is an RO staple, as is the creation of Great items and all out guild wars. This Venris RO chapter will focus on launching WoE with a number of castles open based on server size and guild diversity. Who will be on top and reign supreme over their keep?


Chapter 5: A Progressing Episode

Explore new parts of the game with staggered opening of different world regions. These regions include new NPCs, Maps and Monsters. Battle new monsters, experience new quests, and most of all, relive the nostalgia!


The Future

Venris RO staff will continually roll out new updates based on official and server-specific content. Keep playing the game and experience both memorable and fresh content for years to come!

Server Spec (Go to ServerInfo Page for Complete Article)

Server Rates and Stats Other Key Info
Max Level 99/70 Server Mode Pre-Renewal Classic
Card Drop Rates 2x Currently Available Classes Transcended Rebirth
MVP Card Drops 1x Server Location Singapore (with worldwide proxy)
Instant Cast Requirement 150 DEX Real Money Trading Allowed (Individual Accountability)
General EXP Rate 7x Dual Logging Max 2 Clients
General Drop Rate 2x Server Security Gepard Hack Shield
Max Attack Speed 190 Player Commands [Link to Complete Server Info]