Server Features

Server Rates and Stats Other Key Info
Max Level 99/70 Server Mode Pre-Renewal Classic
Card Drop Rates 2x Currently Available Classes Transcended Rebirth
MVP Card Drops 1x (with Sealed Extra Feature) Server Location Singapore (with worldwide proxy)
Instant Cast Requirement 150 DEX Real Money Trading Allowed (Individual Accountability)
General EXP Rate 7x Dual Logging Max 2 Clients
General Drop Rate 2x Server Security Gepard Hack Shield Full Addons Version
Max Attack Speed 190 Playing Reward Availability Gold Coin NPC at Prontera
Normal Bubble Gum Drop Rate Bonus +70% Competition Reward MVP & PVP Ladder and Shop
VIP Drop Rate Bonus +30% Utility NPC Warper (Limited Map), Healer, Tool Dealer
VIP EXP Rate Bonus +50% Quest NPC Cash Shop Headgear Quest, Usable Quest, Costume Quest
VIP Healer NPC Bonus Remove NPC Delay Extended NPC Job Changer, Platinum Skill, Skill Resetter, Card Remover
VIP Healer NPC Bonus Blessing + Agi Guild & Party Cap Guild: 22 Members, Party : 12 Members
VIP Buff Duration 30 Minutes Vending Tax 5%
VIP Other Bonus +300 Strorage Cap, Extra Char Slots Player Commands [Link to Player Commands]


The following commands and how to use them are available to all Oath players.


Simply shows you which commands are available for you to use, making it a quick and easy reference that can be used in-game.


Allow you to join a combat between 2 people in a non PVP / GVG arena.


Sometimes the game and client can get out of sync. Though rare, if your skills aren’t being cast or there seems to be rubber-banding, try using @refresh to realign your position with the server.


Track your experience in your chat window by using this command. The command provides accounting of all base and job experience received.


Use to show the cells of skill range and area when you turn of your /effect. This addon feature from gepard will be helpful for a war/hunting scenario.

@monsterinfo or @mi

Simply type in a monster name or ID after the command to look up the monster’s stats, experience reward, and items dropped.

@iteminfo or @ii

Gives information about items, including the NPC prices, weight, and whether shops can sell the item in question. Can be used with item names or ID numbers.


Gives information about what monsters drop the searched for item. Simply type the item name or ID after the command and information about monster drops and rates will be listed.


Use to ignore player from disturbing you in a particular activity (such as random trade/chat/invite).


Tells you the map(s) that searched for monsters’ spawn on along with how many are spawned. Useful for tracking certain monsters for items or quests.


Use this command after opening a shop to close your game client but leave the shop open. The shop will close when you log back in or your items have all sold. you will need a autotrade coin to perform this action


These commands can be used to search for items being sold by in-game vendors. If an item is being sold or purchased, gives you the location of the vendor.


Checking the EXP and Drop Rates of the Venris RO Server


To check the server time in game. This is very useful to check the autoevent time or the WoE Time


This command is useful to check your VIP status in your account. Making you aware of the remaining time.